How to Open and close NLC RT data and Amibroker

How to Open and close NLC RT data and Amibroker
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Using NLC RT Data with Amibroker

Make Sure AmiAutoFill is selected in NLC RT Data. 

Just Start the NLC RT Data and Amibroker will also start automatically with it.when you are done with trading or want to leave the data.

You should close the NLC RT Data App first. Then close Amibroker

Amibroker Version 6 or higher

Upto Amibroker version 5.9, Amibroker will start automatically when you will start NLC RT Data and AmiAutoFill is ticked in it. But in Amibroker version 6 and higher this may not work correctly as Amibroker 6.0 take more time to start ( amibroker 6.0 is slow in opening compared to amibroker 5.9 and below).

So If you have amibroker version 6.0 and above. You should always start the Amibroker First. Then Start ‘NLC RT Data’ software. this way data will update smoothly in amibroker.

Third Party Buy Sell Signals

Many Buy Sell Signal Provider use a pop up to check their license. If you are using such signals in amibroker. Then also you should start the amibroker first, then press ok to any pop-up, later you should start ‘NLC RT Data’. Data will start updating in Amibroker.

Amibroker 64 bit

Our software support amibroker version 32 bit only. As 64 bit amibroker is missing few api / process which are needed to import the data into amibroker. So if you have amibroker 64 bit installed. You should install amibroker 32 bit to use our data into amibroker.



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