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Real time Amibroker Data Feed

Amibroker Data Feed. RT Data Feeder
Real Time Data for Amibroker. Best RT Data
Amibroker Data for Cash, Fno, Commodity, Currency Feeds
Accurate and Fast updating RT Data
Tick By Tick Data updating in amibroker during market hours
3 Month Intraday backfill in 1 Min Format
Eod Data for upto 10 Years
Take 1 Year Additional backfill or Free Buy Sell Signal with 1 Year Data Purchase
Lightening fast data directly in amibroker
Install on 2 Pc for One At a Time use
Current + 2 Day Demo. Take Demo Now
One Click Auto configure with amibroker.
Dedicated Support from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm via Teamviewer or ammyy admin.
Dedicated Backfill Servers. Customer centric service
upto 100 Symbols Per Feed can be added.

Features of RT Data Feed

Real time Amibroker Data, Live data for Metastock Charting software - Amibroker live data - Free Trial Available. Data feed available for Equity cash and Equity future, Fno (stock future and Nifty Options), Commodity data, Currency data for equity and commodity, Agri-commodity data. Amibroker data feed, Market data provider. Indian stock market data, real time data provider for Metastock and amibroker real time charting software. Amibroker Data Feeder. Amibroker Data Providers. Amibroker Data

We provide real time data for amibroker and metastock pro and metastock eod charting software. Data updates tick by tick almost every second during market hours. Historical backfill is available in 1 minute time frame. End of day data (eod) is available free of cost to all subscribers of any intraday Feed. Only EOD is available at Rs. 2500 / Year

* Free EOD Data for Amibroker & Metastock
. Using NLC RT Data with Amibroker

Good News: Annual Subscriber of Amibroker data feed can get support up to 10:00 pm in weekdays now. Focus your efforts in trading. Leave the support to us. Go subscribe NLC RT Data yearly package now.

How to Install and un-install Real Time Data

Features of RT Data Feed

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DataFeed for Amibroker
We Offer Indian Stocks, Commodity and Currency Market Real-time Data for amibroker 5.3 and above and Metastock Pro
Intraday Backfill Data
With every subscription of NLC RT data feed. You can download 90 Day intraday backfill in 1-minute format and EOD End of Day data of up to 10 Years.
Best Amibroker Afl in 2019
All Annual subscribers get Best Performing AFL for Free. These Buy Sell Signal AFL perform best for nse cash, Nse Future, Option trading, Mcx commodity, Agri commodity / ncdex and Currency trading.
System requirements
Windows based Operating system with Microsoft XP Service Pack 3 or higher, Dual Core with 1 Gb or higher Ram. Dotnet 4.0, 10 Inch Screen. Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10 and windows Server and VPS also supported. Apple Mac supported via Virtual window
Best RT Data Feed
We are rated as best rt data provider for amibroker and metastock. Data is of low latency and update in trading software seamlessly and stored on your local pc. Since data is locally available. You can perform scan or explore operations.
Historical Backfill
Old is gold. Same is with the historical data for amibroker for Indian stock markets. If you need more data backfill other than 90 days. You can purchase the data @ Rs 3,000 / 1 feed / 1 Year. Purchased data will be delivered via email in txt format in 24 to 48 Hours
What our Client Says about NLC RT Data Feed

Shankar Raman

While searching for amibroker data I came across this site few year back and since then I am regular client to them. They have 99.6% uptime which they claim. Realtime data feed update quite nicely in amibroker and best thing is their support. Highly recommended to all

Pramod Jadhav

Its been 3 years now I am regular client of NLC RT data. They provide excellent support and best rt data in market. before joining them I was with market data provider. but support was the main issue there. My search for data vendor ended with NLC RT Data. Mr Nitin give excellent support for problems I faced.

Veena Anand

Excellent amibroker data feed. For traders this service is highly recommended. If you want to focus your efforts on trading not on day to day task of data feeding to Amibroker. Just Buy Data service from NLC RT.
Many thanks to them for such a nice service
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We Provide cheap amibroker data feed. Our Application NLC RT Data is rated best rt data provider for amibroker by our customers. Mcx data feed for amibroker is available from 09:00 am to 11:55 pm. Data is automatically feeded in amibroker. stocks live data is feeded with single click. If you are looking for data for amibroker you can take a free trial and then subscribe.
About us. NLC RT Data Feed
At we provide amibroker data feed for different Indian data feeds like equity cash, future, nifty options, commodity, agri commodity and currency. Data updates second by second in amibroker during market and backfill is in 1 min format. Traders can take our annual package to get free basic training of amibroker and free best buy sell signals for amibroker. Buy sell signals for amibroker is also known as AFL (amibroker formula language). These amibroker afl or buy sell signals works well in intraday and positional trading.

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