Pricing for NLC RT Data. Amibroker Data

→ Subscribe for 3 month or higher package and install on two Machines for Alternate Use i.e. one at a time
→ Get 06 to 20 Years EOD for a small Price. We offer quality data feed in lowest price
Free buy sell signals with Annual DataFeed Subscription
EOD Data Details. Offering Fastest EOD Backfill. Currency EOD Data now Available

Pricing Effective from 22-Sept-2020
Service 1 Month 1 Year
All Feeds RT Data Rs 440Rs 4444
All Feeds RT + EOD Rs 500Rs 5000

Feeds Covered: Cash, Future & Index Options, Commodity, Currency, SPOT (Index)
In RT Data. You get 1 Minute backfill of upto 180 Days when Buy License of Data Feed