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NLC RT - Amibroker Real Time Data Feed for cash, Fno, Currency, Commodity

At we provide real time data for amibroker charting software

High Speed Realtime Data Feed for Commodity, Equity, Futures, Options and Currency Compatible with Amibroker Version 5.3 and Higher. NLC RT Data can be used on Apple MacBook via VMware Workstation. Live data for metastock is available via meta refresher for cash, fno, commodity, currency with second by second update and 90 day historical backfill and up to 10 year EOD (end of Day) data from bhavcopy. While we offer Realtime data for technical software. The Data may reach to you with delay of 1 - 2 seconds. We Offer Best RT Data for Amibroker and Metastock Real Time charting technology. We Provide Realtime Data for Amibroker and Metatsock. We Support or Offer Historical Backfill of 1 minute in open, high, low, close, open Interest Format with 90 day of Historical Backfill. EOD (end of day) data is free for subscribers of any intraday real time data feed. You can download eod data of up to 10 Years in bhavcopy format. Our Data updates in metastock pro software via Meta refresher. You should Install Metastock Pro in Offline mode to use with NLC RT Data. NLC RT Data gives you data of Indian stock market various exchanges like equity cash, equity future, nifty options, commodity and Agri commodity, currency for equity and commodity, with real time market data feed in amibroker and Metastock charts. If at any day you start your data app late, you can download historical backfill in 1 min open high low close format from our dedicated servers.

We Provide Best quality RT Data for amibroker and Metastock charts with delay of 1 - 3 seconds* for various Indian stock markets feeds. At NLC RT We provide Data for Indian stock market and commodity real time market data for Amibroker 5.3 and higher. NLC RT Data is compatible with windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 windows 10 and above. Tick by Tick, Second by Second Data update in Amibroker Charting software via dedicated diversified High End Servers. We are Leading Financial Data Provider in Indian Stock Market. We offer Educations data for All Practitioner who is willing to learn art of trading. Accurate Data at Electrifying Speed with Highest Accuracy and Open Interest in Derivatives. All subscription includes support for metastock charting and amibroker real time charting. With data saved locally on your disk you can perform live scan and buy sell query. Data updates tick by tick (second by second) during market hours and is saved locally* on your disk for exploration or other analysis purpose. Live Updating data in tick by tick or second by second format during market hours and 1 minute Historical Backfill for 90 calendar days. End of day data from bhav copy is available free of cost to intraday subscribers.

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At we provide amibroker data feed for different Indian data feeds like equity cash, future, nifty options, commodity, agri commodity and currency. Data updates second by second in amibroker during market and backfill is in 1 min format. Traders can take our annual package to get free basic training of amibroker and free best buy sell signals for amibroker. Buy sell signals for amibroker is also known as AFL (amibroker formula language). These amibroker afl or buy sell signals works well in intraday and positional trading.

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