[Fixed] Slow amibroker in live markets? NLC RT Data

If your amibroker is performing slow in live markets. It may be due to large database size of the intraday Database. To Fix it you simply need to rename / archive the current database and download the data again from the NLC RT Data or EqualRT Datafeed.

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How to keep amibroker fast

While we don’t limit the number of symbols you can add in NLC RT Data Datafeed. But to keep amibroker fast. You shall add symbols which you really need for trading.

Also, it depends on your machine configuration how amibroker will perform when live data is updated to your intraday database. So if you are one who needs large intraday Data. Buy a Good Gaming PC with Latest Processor like i7 8th generation, 8 to 16GB DDR4 Ram, and most importantly SSD Hdd.

There are a few things that can cause Amibroker to perform slowly in live markets. One is if you have too many indicators or studies applied to your charts. This can bog down the software and make it difficult to process all the information. Another thing that can cause a slowdown is if you’re using outdated data. Make sure you’re using the most recent data available to get the best performance from Amibroker. Finally, if you have a lot of custom coding in your formulas, this can also lead to slow performance. If you’re experiencing slow performance, try simplifying your setup and removing unnecessary indicators and studies.

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